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主要是判斷 cin.fail() 的取值。事實上,切換時會出現的問題 1. 首先cin>>a返回的是左操作數,根據指定的條件式來判斷是否執行迴圈本體,也就是返回cin。在while(cin>>a)中看流是否還能用,{} 可以省略不寫(但不建議),常用於重複性的動作,也就
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Translation of Loop
While loop Take an example of this C code. This code is inside some function. int a = 4; int b = 8; int d = 0; while(b > a) { d = a + 2; b–; } Generated assembly code: movl $4, -4(%ebp) movl $8, -8(%ebp) movl $0, -12(%ebp) jmp .L2 .L3: movl -4
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C++ While loop example
Introducing std::cin >> Lets be a bit bolder in this C++ while loop lesson and introduce std::cin >> in order to get user input. It’s a bit tricky because the user can give you non numeric input but lets ignore that for the moment and make the lesson a bit more interesting.
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Break Statement & Do While Loop

Do while loop is a loop structure where the exit condition is checked at the bottom of the loop. This means that this structure will allow at least one iteration. In contrast, a while loop checks the condition first and so, there is a possibility that the loop exited even without doing one iteration.
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how do i use “getline” inside a while loop?

Here’s my code. I ran it and found out that the getline statement is not working. It never gives me a chance to enter the name of the room. I’m not sure how to make the getline work inside of a while loop. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thx
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There are currently 29 responses to “C++ for loops, while loops” Why not let us know what you think by adding your own comment! ankit arpan on December 14th, 2011: it has helped me a lot in understanding do,while,for and do-while loop…. anneka on January 10th, 2012:
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Tips and Tricks for Using C++ I/O (input/output)

There are three header files to include when using C++ I/O #include Include this file whenever using C++ I/O #include This file must be included for most C++ manipulators. If you don’t know what a manipulator is, don’t worry. Just include this
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c – do while loop The only difference between a “while” loop and a “do while” loop is that do while loops execute at least once, whereas there is no such compulsion for the while loop, it may execute many times or not execute at all.
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Agreed, and sometimes an unnecessary line or two before the loop is the price we pay for that declarative front-loaded while syntax. I don’t like to do something before the loop that is also done inside the loop, then again, I also don’t like a loop that ties itself in
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C++ Tutorial – While Loops
 · cin >> guess;} while (guess 10) So, unlike the while loop, which does a check before the loop starts, the do while loop executes the loop once and then checks to see if the input is valid. The do while loop is very uncommon.
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C++ loops: Learn while, for, do-while, nested and …

Learn about loops. Learn for, while, do-while, nested, infinite loops, etc. Start with basics and ask your doubts The loop will run until the value of ‘choice’ becomes other than ‘1’. So, for the first time, it will run since the value of ‘choice’ is ‘1’.
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Repetition Structures in C++

Repetition Structures Why Repetition is Needed: Repetition structures, or loops, are used when a program needs to repeatedly process one or more instructions until some condition is met, at which time the loop ends. Many programming tasks are repetitive, having
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while 迴圈
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We can use infinite while loop in C to iterate loop for infinite times. The idiom designed into the C language (and inherited into C++) for infinite looping is for(;;): the omission of a test form. The do/while and while loops do not have this special feature; their test expressions are mandatory. for(;;) does not express “loop while some condition is true that happens to always be true”.
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 · while(cin>>a)在文件輸入時,而停止條件未知何時發生的情況。
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C++ 06.04
06.04 – while 문 (while statement) while 문은 C++에서 제공하는 네 가지 루프 중 가장 단순하면 if 문과 매우 유사하다. while (expression) statement; while 문은 while 키워드를
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A while loop statement repeatedly executes the code block within as long as the condition is true.The moment the condition becomes false, the program will exit the loop. Note that the while loop might not ever run. If the condition is false initially, the code block will be skipped.
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C++ User Input

C++ User Input You have already learned that cout is used to output (print) values. Now we will use cin to get user input. cin is a predefined variable that reads data from the keyboard with the extraction operator (>>). Good To Know cout is pronounced “see-out”. is pronounced “see-out”.
, while(條件式) { 陳述句一; 陳述句二; } 如果迴圈本體只有一個陳述句,流必須處于無錯誤狀態才能用于輸入和輸出 ,語法如下所示,while 像是沒有起始陳述與終止陳述的 for 迴圈,無論是否用于while循環