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32 Questions to Ask Your Boss
Asking questions to your boss can have a beneficial impact on your productivity and engagement at work. It allows you to discuss a wide variety of workplace topics, including your performance, the progress you have made toward your goals and any ideas you may have concerning the work processes you are currently following.
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6 Tips for Holding a Great Career Conversation
Asking the Right Career Development Discussion Questions Consider which questions to ask your boss about career development before your 1:1 meeting. The questions you ask should be in line with your agenda and prompt candid, insightful discussion.
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What to say in 7 difficult conversations with your boss

Asking your boss or supervisor for a raise when you deal with imposter syndrome can feel scary–especially as you may feel alone in the doubt, fear, and questions you have about your abilities
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Meeting With a New Boss to Discuss Job Duties
A discussion about your job role is an opportunity to subtly highlight your knowledge while gaining information about the direction your boss plans for the department and your position. If you’re a new employee, however, a September 2010 article in “U.S. News and World Report” recommends you ask your boss some specific questions about her priorities for you in the role.
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74 Questions to ask in One on Ones with a Manager

One on one meetings with your boss are the perfect place to do all three of these things. By asking the right questions, you can uncover their priorities, goals, needs, and their language and communication style. This helps you succeed in your career and
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It’s time to sit your boss down for a career chat
Keep the discussion going Get your boss to commit to regular chats about your career progress. Keeping the dialogue going outside of formal meetings will keep your career growth top of mind – for
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7 Key Phrases to Use When You Talk to Your Boss
 · 1. “We can do X or Y. I propose Y because …” The idea here is that you’re not just dumping a problem on your boss and waiting for her to come up with a solution. Instead, you’re
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Your boss has as much or more on their plate as you do, so she/he may not (and probably shouldn’t) be fully aware of what you are talking about. It’s your job to briefly and effectively fill your boss in. Be ready with data about the project and try to anticipate what questions might be asked.
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11 Career Development Questions You Need to Ask Your …

This shows your desire for this to be a continuing discussion, not a one-off conversation, and signals to employees that they’ll be held accountable for their results. Centering each development discussion around the employee’s unique personal goals and experiences, tying them to the organization as a whole and then carrying them forward will show employees that you are serious about their
How to Talk to Your Boss About Your Career Goals
Top 10 Career Discussion Topics
– A discussion about career paths. Not just changing jobs but changing types of job and progression. The role of lifelong learning, retraining, transferable skills. Using a story about somebody’s career journey is a good prompt for this discussion. What’s the
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Kickstart and Advance Your Career
In order to stay motivated and efficient, you need to be satisfied with your duties and your job role, which is why it’s important to discuss your future with your boss. Don’t be scared to ask them what your role is within the company or to tell them where you see yourself in the next five years, and ask them if they can help you achieve those goals.
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 · Ask your boss In most progressive organisations, employees own and craft their careers, and interactions and assessments are an ongoing process. However, there comes a time in every employee’s career trajectory when she feels the need to initiate a conversation on promotion.
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These are the specific conversations you need to have …

This personal discussion reminds your boss that you see him as a human being and not just as your manager,” Hakim says. July: The one where you show your commitment
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 · It is your own duty to identify your future growth areas and ask your boss, in your review, how to improve in those areas. Devoting some time to continuous professional development is also essential. If you want to grow professionally and move forward, …
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When it comes time to discuss your career path with your boss, being clear is far more valuable than being loud. After all, we can easily tire of noise but clarity is always desirable. Whether you have a performance review or a one-on-one meeting with your boss, here are a few ways to make sure you clearly articulate what you want out of your job and where you see your career going:
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Also mention your strength, talents and plan for the time to come. This would impress your boss and make him think of salary hike. 24. Never threaten your employer: It is a good suggestion that you should never threaten your boss that you have another job 25.
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Tips for Talking to Your Boss About Your Career Goals
Learn helpful tips for talking to your boss about your career goals. You can’t make a career on your own. Even the legendary entrepreneurs who started billion-dollar enterprises in their garages needed help at various points on their road to success.