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“In reality, the descendants of Mary Magdalene and Jesus encompass a very wide net.” Their proof? Hidden texts and a family tree they believe dates back to Jesus. In 2012, a piece of papyrus dubbed the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife also created controversy …
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The Holy Bloodline of Jesus
 · Jesus had a child, probably a daughter, with Mary Magdalene, with whom he was married. The descendants of this child became the Merovingian kings of France. The Church has suppressed the truth about Mary Magdalene and the Jesus …
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The Magdalene Line Trilogy
Apr 12, 2017 – Kathleen McGowan is a well known author. She is notable for her claim to be the descendant of Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene. Do you believe or do you think that it is possible that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene? There is absolutely
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The Hidden History of Jesus and the Holy Grail
So, in September AD 33, the first child of Jesus and Mary Magdalene was born, and Jesus duly entered the Kingdom of Heaven. There is no reference to this child being a son (as there is for the two subsequent births), and given that Jesus returned three years later, in AD 36, we know that Mary must have had a daughter .
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Did Jesus Christ marry Mary Magdalene and have children with her? Surely, you’re thinking, that’s the kind of sensationalist mumbo-jumbo you find only in the pages of fiction. In fact, The Da
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 · Hi, My Husband is the DNA confirmed Direct Descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the Heir to the Scottish Throne. This did take some time for my Husband to get his head around. He was unaware. Absolutely no Idea. Our story is quite unique and very
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The Direct Descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene …

 · My guess is that she has some connection to those who are PURPORTED to be descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Bet he favorite books are Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Davinci Code. Takes all kinds to make a world. #32 Wandering Monk, Jan 4
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As such, the holy grail actually refers to the royal blood, that of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s child and her descendants, who are effectively in hiding until the truth can be revealed. The problem with this claim is that Mary Magdalene was probably not from the tribe of Benjamin.
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The Jesus bloodline is a hypothetical sequence of lineal descendants of the historical Jesus, often by Mary Magdalene, usually portrayed as his wife. Differing and contradictory versions of a Jesus bloodline hypothesis have been proposed in numerous books by authors such as Louis Martin (1886), Donovan Joyce (1973), Andreas Faber-Kaiser (1977), Barbara Thiering (1992), Margaret Starbird (1993 Watch The Murder of Mary Magdalene: Genocide of the Holy Bloodline | Prime Video
The Merovingian Kings
Still, they worked on in secret, claiming to have direct bloodlines to Jesus Christ (through Mary Magdalene, his lover) and wanting to redeem themselves. They felt the Papacy had become a refuge for thieves and liars, and that it fattened itself on the profits it made from the poor.
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The Jesus bloodline is a hypothetical sequence of lineal descendants of the historical Jesus, often by Mary Magdalene, usually portrayed as his wife.Differing and contradictory versions of a Jesus bloodline hypothesis have been proposed in numerous books by
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Matthew 13:55- states that Jesus had three brothers called James, Judas and Simon, and an unspecified number of unnamed sisters. Like so many things in scripture, this is open to various interpretations. But if it’s true, and these were children o
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This theory proposes that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, and moreover, had children whom she bore. Jealous of her unrivalled attention in the eyes of their Messiah, the apostles sought to marginalize her after Jesus’ crucifixion.
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 · Discussion Tagged: Spirituality And Religion Religion Jesus Mary Magdalene, Replies: 84 Page: 2 Wolf, isn’t the idea not that Jesus survived, but that Mary Magdalene was already pregnant and/ or had already borne children? (I read the book, but as escapist fluff
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Later, her descendants migrated to Europe but retained the name Mary as their maternal ancestor and jumped to the conclusion that they must be descendants of Mary of Magdalene whose husband had to have been Jesus.
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 · This book hypothesised that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had some sprogs, and that a secret society called the Priory of Sion has protected the descendants of those sprogs ever since. It also suggested that one of the Priory’s 15 th century members was Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci.
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The descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene are supposedly from this French monarchy What is Merovingian 200 This interpretation substituted the figure of Mary Magdalene as the intrepid and faithful disciple of Jesus, an apostle with and to the twelve