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立即購買商品搶免運及優惠,只要 $1995,您的Pedaltrain將是安全和
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【敦煌樂器】PEDALTRAIN Nano-SC 效果器盤+軟袋
原價 $3100,Nano+)。 將有額外的空間存放線材,PEDALTRAIN NANO - Pedaltrain Pedaltrain Nano - Audiofanzine

美國 Pedaltrain Nano PT-NANO-SC 效果器 軟袋 臺灣總代理 公司 …

NANO是Pedaltrain最小尺寸的效果器板。滿足攜帶少量效果器的輕便需求。。尺寸 35.56x14x2.54公分-Auralex 影音館|PChome商店街 加入我的最愛商店 .今日商品數 1109 件評價分數 (4576) 留言版 (484) 瀏覽人次 (266813) 購買人次 (2376) 平均出貨天數 (1)
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美國 Pedaltrain Premium Soft Case Nano / Nano+ 高階 效果器 …

PT-NPL-PSC-XPedaltrain Nano和Nano+高級軟袋/ Hideaway背包特徵,限時再打 94 折,航空級鋁合金;效果器板重量 510
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價格: $2,100 元
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Pedaltrain Nano+ 18″x5″ Pedalboard with Soft Case
Nano Pedaltrain Nano+ 18″x5″ Pedalboard with Soft Case Aluminum Alloy Pedalboard with Heavy-duty Soft Case, and Adhesive Material Rated 4.5/5 44 reviews Write your review Item ID: …
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From the ultra-portable Nano to the massive Terra, we’ve got just the board to meet your needs. In fact, many of our customers have more than one pedal board. You can have a larger board to house your entire pedal collection and something light and portable for travel or rehearsals.
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Pedaltrain Nano + w/Soft Carrying Case, 8 pedal power …

 · Pedaltrain Nano + w/Soft Carrying Case, 8 pedal power cord.. Condition is “Used”, but shows no major signs of wear. Pedals show in pictures are for sizing example. 1 spot 8 pedal power source included along with Velcro to attach pedals.
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 · It’s small, it’s beautiful, it’s Nano time! 😀 Ok, I’ll start. Here is my Nano board: It’s powered with wall-wart 9V power supply and daisy chained. 1 daisy chain end is free and will be used to power an additional pedal which can be placed before the board. Mostly it will be a tuner
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Where do I mount the Power Supply? – Pedaltrain

That will depend on which power supply and Pedaltrain pedal board you have. If you have one of our flat models in the Nano and the Metro series, both our Spark and Volto power supplies will mount effortlessly underneath. Spark can be mounted to all Pedaltrain
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Pedaltrain PT-Nano-SC – Thomann UK

Pedaltrain PT-Nano-SC Available immediately Available immediately This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. Standard Delivery Times £31 Add to Basket 18% bought Pedaltrain Nano+ £31 9% bought Harley Benton SpaceShip 50C £24.90 9%
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Pedaltrain Nano+ 18″ x 5″ Pedalboard
Although Pedaltrain’s Nano+ is small in size, don’t let that fool you into thinking that this two-rail pedalboard can’t handle whatever you throw its way. The Nano+ is similar to the standard Nano, but with 4 more inches of space to hold a few more pedals, and newly modified rail spacing so that even the smallest pedals grab hold of the Nano+.
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Awww yissss: A Pedaltrain Nano+ Review
 · I already own a Pedaltrain Jr., Mini, and original Nano. The Nano+’s frame is just like its predecessors: nearly indestructible. It carries on the tradition of a matte black finish, but the white lettering on the frame is slightly raised, like a decal (for the sake of curiosity, I ran my nail against it to see if it’d come off like a sticker, and it didn’t).
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Pedaltrain Nano MAX Pedalboard With Soft Case 28″ x 5.5″ PT …

你在找的Pedaltrain Nano MAX Pedalboard With Soft Case 28″ x 5.5″ PT-NMAX-SC就在露天拍賣,優惠 $2100,限時再打 95 折,優惠 $1780,配件等。在任何情況下,規格 板子: 35.56 x 13.97 x 2.54 cm 羽量級鋁合金 0.45 kg 軟袋: 38.1 x 21.59 x 8.89
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PEDALTRAIN Nano SC 效果器板+軟袋
PEDALTRAIN Nano SC 效果器板+軟袋,其他週邊配件,效果器板尺寸 45.7×12.7×3.5 cm;超輕量,rockboard solo 效果器板+袋 (35×14公分/同 pedaltrain nano 尺寸) rockboard s
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Pedaltrain Nano MAX SC – Thomann Ireland

Pedaltrain Nano MAX SC 3 ratings Effects Pedal Board Made of high quality aircraft aluminium Flat 2-rail design of the NANO series with maximized width Dimensions (board only, W x D x H): 71.1 x 14 x 3.5 cm Weight (board only): 0.73 g Soft case with a
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PEDALTRAIN Junior MAX Soft Case $375.00 PEDALTRAIN Metro 16 Hard Case Quick View PEDALTRAIN Metro 16 Hard Case $199.00 PEDALTRAIN Metro 16 Soft Case Quick View PEDALTRAIN Metro 16 Soft Case $119.00 PEDALTRAIN Metro 16 Tour
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rockboard solo 效果器板+袋 (35×14公分/同 pedaltrain nano 尺
原價 $1780,只要 $1673